Graveyard Recording, Saturday 25th August, 9.30 am

Marks in the dried grass in the churchyard have  revealed the existence of at least 8 gravestones that were  not detected in the uncovering and recording operation which  we did a few years ago. It is intended to uncover these  remaining gravestones and record their inscriptions and also  search for any adjacent sites. Volunteers are invited to  attend on Saturday 25 August at 9.30 am. Useful tools are  spades, trowels, buckets, wheelbarrows, brushes, shears.

Please contact Colin on 651411 if you intend to come, so he  can ring everyone in case of cancellation due to adverse  weather conditions.

“The History of Walton Hall and its Scandal” by Elizabeth, Lady Hamilton

Friday 7th September, 8 pm, Lighthorne Village Hall

In 1866, Sir Charles Mordaunt brought his young bride, Harriet Moncreiffe, back to his Warwickshire mansion, Walton Hall. She was part of the Prince of Wales’ infamous set, and when she had a baby there were several contenders for fatherhood. The ensuing trial, involving the Prince himself, became a scandal.

Lady Hamilton of Walton Hall, the President of the Warwickshire Local History Society, is the author of a book on the scandal. Her talk is sure to be very entertaining.